Supervised Parenting

Supervised Parenting Services are currently being offered as center-based services in Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

The first step in the process is to complete the registration form and submit via e-mail or fax as specified directly on the form.  Once your registration form is received, you can expect a call within three (3) business days from an intake staff who will talk you through the next steps in the process.

The following are current services being offered:
– Supervised parenting at the 1:1/high level
– Therapeutic Supervised Parenting
– Virtual Supervised Parenting

Contact Us for More Information and Scheduling

Questions and referrals can be emailed to our Program Manager or call 612.877.7846.

SUPERVISED PARENTING: Family Courts/Private Matters Registration Form

SUPERVISED PARENTING: Child Welfare Registration Form




  • Supportive Interactions
  • Flexible Hours (daytime, evening, weekends)
  • Kitchen Space For Meal Preparations
  • Private Rooms
  • Separate Entrances and Staggered Arrival/Departure
  • Community and In Home Visitation
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Multiple Sites
  • Spaces Adapted For All Ages

FamilyWise is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network. Our services allow families to rebuild and strengthen relationships in a safe, confidential and observed environment.

List Of Service Options

Monitored Exchanges

Monday& Wednesday: 9:30am-6pm,  Tuesdays: 4pm-7pm,  Fridays: 9:30am-4:30pm, Saturdays: 9am-4pm.

$20.00 per one way exchange.  $40.00 for a beginning and ending exchange  Complete the supervised exchange registration form for services

Parent’s seeking to exchange children from one parent to the other. These are car to car exchanges and each parent will be assigned a parking lot in which to wait.  Staff will greet you and your child(ren) and walk them safely to the other parent.  Parents who receive the children should leave their assigned parking lot first.

The following services are offered in 1 hour increments

One on One: ($67) Individual visit monitor who is present throughout the session and may provide parent coaching. Private room preferred but not required. Staff document each visit.

Group: ($45) Shared visit monitor, visitation occurs in an open space amongst other families. Staff document each visit.

Transitional: ($23) Families may be in a private or group space with a shared monitor who provides 15-minute check ins. Visits are document by request only.

Therapeutic: ($75) Qualified visit monitor provides therapeutic interventions to improve the parent/child relationship in a safe and private space. We actively engage in assisting parents and children in re-establishing, or forming, a healthy and safe relationship.

FAQ about Supervised Parenting at FamilyWise

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